Fixing Jointing Sand That Washes Out Between Paving

Stabilising Jointing Sand

Are you wondering how to fix jointing sand that washes out between paving? Sand between pavers often washes out when the paving is on steep slopes, leading to the failure of the installation. Another common problem is that water penetrates the bedding material and starts pumping out the sand between the pavers. Paving on existing concrete structures are prone to this. Stabilise the jointing of any paving blocks with Resiblock. In addition to this, Resiblock will also seal the paving and act as a joint stabiliser that can be used for commercial traffic.

Why choose Resiblock?

Since 1993, Resiblock has become Europe’s leading specialist in the sealant industry. Resiblock’s expertise and knowledge have been recognized in the industry and we are committed to continuous improvement of our products. Resiblock is committed to producing quality sealants, and we value each and every project we work on, providing the highest levels of customer service at all times.

Our concrete block paving sealers are in high demand as it acts as a weed inhibitor, is the only paving sealer that has a no oil stains guarantee, easy to apply, and is long-lasting.

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Resiblock is regarded as a leading European supplier in the paving sealant industry over the past 30 years. One thing that makes Resiblock stand out is our expertise and knowledge in the industry. Let us help you find the perfect solution!

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