Cleaning Oil Stains on Paving

Fast, Effective and Easy to Use Oil Remover

Oil stains on paving are a common problem on driveways throughout South Africa. Whether its caused by a leaking vehicle or a simple oil spill during maintenance, these stains not only diminish the aesthetic appeal of your driveway or patio. This poses safety hazards due to slippery surfaces. Cleaning these oil stains on paving can sound like such a hassle. However, with the right approach and product, you can effectively clean oil stains.

Resiblock, the world’s favourite paving sealant manufacturer also formulated an oil cleaner to use on any paving blocks. This is an easy to apply solution that has phenomenal results. Ideally, oil stains should be treated as soon as possible but Resiblock Oil Remover will also clean older oil stains. 

Why choose Resiblock?

Since 1993, Resiblock has become Europe’s leading specialist in the sealant industry. Resiblock’s expertise and knowledge have been recognized in the industry and we are committed to continuous improvement of our products. Resiblock is committed to producing quality sealants, and we value each and every project we work on, providing the highest levels of customer service at all times.

Our concrete block paving sealers are in high demand as it acts as a weed inhibitor, is the only paving sealer that has a no oil stains guarantee, easy to apply, and is long-lasting.

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Resiblock is regarded as a leading European supplier in the paving sealant industry over the past 30 years. One thing that makes Resiblock stand out is our expertise and knowledge in the industry. Let us help you find the perfect solution!

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