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Sealing concrete paving blocks from rain, sun and other weather conditions with our sealers will create a coat that essentially repels water, oil, and dirt. Sealing will also help to preserve the paving for many years whilst preventing insect infestation and weed growth.

After cleaning and drying the concrete paving blocks, the sealing process will take no more than 24 hours. Once the area is completely dry and stain free, your Resiblock paving sealer can then be applied. People may walk on the sealed surface between 2 and 4 hours after completion.

Sealing paving and driveways will protect the surface and preserve it for many years to come. A high-quality wet look driveway or patio sealer is quick drying, durable, and leaves a dramatic wet-look finish.

If you’re looking for a wet look finish, we suggest Resiblock ‘22’. Click here to shop now.

No, Resiblock products are designed to work in tandem with pavers and if installed correctly, it will not make your paving slippery.  

Yes, provided those other sealers were not silicon based. Silicon based sealers are very rare. If you are uncertain, please contact us with the brand name of the product utilised previously and we will be able to guide you.

Always wear appropriate protection such as gloves. If your hands have inadvertently come in contact with Resiblock water-based products then immediately wash your hands with warm soapy water. Where hands have come into contact with a Resiblock pre-polymer urethane- allow the Resiblock product to dry and wash your hands with soap and water over a number of days to remove the pre-polymer urethane.

No, they are not suitable.

No specialist labour is required, the application of Resiblock products is simplistic. Resiblock SA is more than happy to attend sites to assist a contractor with application.

We are confident that nobody can demonstrate the same degree of longevity as Resiblock. We have Case Studies where our products have been utilised over paver pavements and remain functional 10 years after application. Resiblock’s world or expertise and knowledge is generally recognised as the most definitive in its field and we would be happy to bring that expertise and knowledge to your project.