Resiblock Oil Remover

Recommended Oil Remover for the removal of most oil and grease stains on paving

Concrete and Clay pavers are porous. This means that oil, grease, and other oily materials may penetrate the bricks. In fact, oil stains on paving are a very common problem. This product is ideal to remove most oils and grease stains from the paving. Ideally, the affected area should be treated as soon as possible but engrained oil stains will also be removed with a little more trouble.



Remove oil stains from paving easily with Resiblock Oil Remover. This product was developed for the removal of most oil and grease stains on paving. Its rapid action allows the removal of oil staining whilst simultaneously restoring the natural colour of the pavers. Resiblock Oil Remover breaks up the oily film into soluble globules, enabling it to be readily pressure washed away. This old remover has no adverse effect on the finished surface of the paving or concrete and no long-term corrosive effect on the cementitious base structure. Simply poor on, scrub vigorously and pressure wash off.

  1. Stir well before use.
  2. Liberally apply the Resiblock Oil Remover to stain and agitate with a bristle brush.
  3. Allow to soak for 15 minutes (do not allow to dry out) and repeat as necessary.
  4. Thoroughly rinse with detergent and pressure washer.
  5. Seal concrete block pavers with Resiblock Riesecco or Resiblock ‘22’ to prevent re-staining.

STORAGE & HANDLING Do not store near foodstuffs. Replace the lid after use. Wash hands and exposed skin after use.
HEALTH & SAFETY It is not essential to wear full protective clothing, but eye protection should be worn by the operator to prevent spray from entering and inflaming the eyes. PVC or rubber gloves should be worn as prolonged skin contact could cause irritation.
Keep away from children. Read the safety data sheet for more information.
Eyes: If accidentally splashed into eyes irrigate thoroughly with clean water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.
Skin: Prolonged contact is not advisable. Wash off thoroughly with soap and water.
Ingested: Do not induce vomiting. Drink plenty of water followed by milk. Seek medical advice immediately.