Resiblock 22

Dry-cast concrete products (High porosity materials) & light to heavy loads

Resiblock ‘22’ is a specialised concrete paving sealant and joint stabiliser. Unlike cheap sealants, Resiblock doesn’t merely coat the pavers. It penetrates the capillaries to protect from within. Furthermore, Resiblock hardens the jointing material while maintaining the flexibility required for segmented pavements. Resiblock ‘22’ has been used to protect and stabilise paving at airports, on roads, and at even at military bases where the paving blocks are frequented by tanks. Resiblock ‘22’ is a pre-polymer urethane jointing stabiliser that is designed for vehicular traffic.

Coverage when stabilising joints and pavers:
± 3m² / L

When sealing on pavers only, please take note of the following:
Smooth pavers: 6m² per litre
Textured pavers: 4m² per litre



Resiblock ‘22’ serves as both a paving sealant and joint stabiliser. It is a specialist pre-polymer urethane (SPPU) jointing sand stabiliser of exceptional effectiveness designed for heavy-duty small element flexibly laid paving utilised worldwide at sites, varying from roads, driveways, car parks, aircraft aprons, distribution centres, and port pavements.

PLEASE NOTE – It is advised with new projects to ensure paving is sealed with RESIBLOCK ’22’ simultaneously with pavement construction, on a daily basis. 

DO NOT WAIT until the project is complete.  

  1. Make sure the surface and jointing sand are THOROUGHLY DRY and free from dirt.   
  2. Ensure that Resiblock ‘22’ is only applied when there is no risk of rain within the next 8 hours.   
  3. Do not apply in extremes of temperature (below 3⸰c or above 30⸰c).  
  4. Ensure paving is thoroughly swept and that no jointing sand remains in the chamfers of the pavers.  
  5. Apply to the surface using a watering can (with the rose) and remove all surplus with a squeegee. 
  6. Accurate application rates are critical to ensure full joint stabilisation (typically 1 litre/2m²).  
  7. A minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 24 hours between the first and second coats. Two coats are recommended to prevent fuel/water infiltration. Only apply ONE COAT ONLY on clay pavers.  
  8. Avoid walking on the sealed area for 3 hours after application and do not drive motor vehicles on the surface for 24 hours.  
  9. Always wear protective gloves and goggles. No smoking. Wear a mask when working in confined areas.
  10. All uncured spillages/splashes, and all tools must be cleaned immediately.